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Tour Party in NY

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Yesterday, the singers had a free day in New York, and due to the wet and chilly weather, most sought refuge among some of New York’s finer indoor activities – museums and shopping.

However, last night the singers were warmed by the gracious hospitality of LAMC Board Chair David Gindler and his wife Kiki. The Gindlers hosted a delicious reception and dinner at A Voce Restaurant on Columbus Circle. Everyone had an absolutely wonderful time reminiscing about Tour highlights and soaking in what an important and impactful experience this has been for each of us – and the organization as a whole. The Singers and staff were also joined by a few friends, LAMC Board member Ann Ehringer and Marjorie Lindbeck. Much food, beverage and frivolity ensued, and a good time was had by all.

And, how do a group of grateful singers thank their gracious hosts for this dining treat? Why, with song of course! Much to the surprise (and likely delight of the rest of the restaurant), the entire ensemble of singers joined an inspirational and spontaneous chorus of Wana Baraka (written by our own Shawn Kirchner of course!). It was an incredibly moving experience for all.

Here are a few photos from the dinner, last evening. Today, we head into our last staging rehearsal of the tour, as we prepare for our performance tomorrow evening at Avery Fisher Hall.


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