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Resounding Applause in Paris

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The Salle Pleyel in Paris

Unfortunately for most of us, Paris was the shortest leg of the tour. Due to the very busy schedule of the Salle Pleyel, we had one fewer day of rehearsals in Paris. However, not to be daunted, and relying on our musician’s incredible talent and professionalism, the maestro, singers, players, and everyone arose to the occasion and again – gave an incredible performance to a heartily appreciative Paris audience. As is sometimes the habit – on the Continent  – at the conclusion of the performance, the audience began their highly enthusiastic applause that quickly grew into a unified, rhythmic wave of ovation, with the entire audience clapping along in the same rhythm – apparently, a very high sign of praise from Parisian audiences!

While brief, we had a great stay in Paris and caught as many of the sites as we all could squeeze into the stay. This of course, concludes the European leg of our tour.


Boarding the bus at our hotel to depart Paris.

We headed en masse to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris to wave good by to our delightful and intrepid European Tour Courier – Marianne Swienink-Havard who guided us safely around Europe and treated us to wonderful commentary on the bus and helpful information along the way. We boarded our flight and arrived safely back in the Good Ole’ U-S-of-A at JFK airport late last evening. Today, the singers have a free day to rest readjust to the time zone (and apparently with snow on the way!), before we head to Lincoln Center tomorrow afternoon to prepare for our final performance of the Tour on Wednesday Evening.

Tonight, we look forward to being treated with a hosted party in New York for the Singers and several of the Board members of the LA Master Chorale. Check back tomorrow for pictures from our free day in New York.


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