LA Master Chorale's European Tour

Follow the LA Master Chorale on Tour with the LA Philharmonic – March 2013

Lucerne Recap

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We had a wonderful stay in Lucerne, nestled between the lake and the snow-capped alps. The concert was incredibly well received by the Swiss audiences and the singers and all of the performers continue to ratchet up their performances, making some incredible art and breathing wonderful life into this new masterpiece of John Adams.

After our free day and rehearsal day, the LA Philharmonic sponsored a “little” gathering for the entire tour company – all of the LA Phil players, the Master Chorale and our wonderfully supportive tour patrons and Board Members. We were treated to a tasty swiss dinner of brats and all the trimmings… and a live combo band provided swiss music to add to the revelry.

The day after the performance, we did our last minute shopping for chocolate and watches, took a brisk stroll around the lake, and headed to Zurich to continue our journey on to the next performance in Paris…

Au Revoir!


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