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Free Day in Lucerne! Bridges, Medieval Market Squares, Cheese and Chocolate!

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On the morning of our free day a group of about 25 from the Chorale hired a guide to give the group a private tour of the inner city of Lucerne. We started at our hotel (which is practically next door to the KKL theatre) and explored the rich history, architecture, sights, sounds and tastes of this beautiful city.  The group walked through Medieval market squares (no surprise, the Wine Market was our favorite!) admired the hand-painted murals on the exteriors of the businesses – advertising their wares – jewelry, medicine and lodging. We crossed two of the oldest covered wooden foot bridges in Europe, and spied the turrets of the ancient Medieval Wall that has protected the city for many centuries. Here are a few shots from some of that adventure.

After the tour, it was time to sample the local cuisine! Singers sought at fondue houses, a local microbrewery, and tried local favorite Swiss dishes like Raclette and Rosti – a cheesy-potatoey-pile-of-comfort-food-goodnesss…yum!

For some singers, a walking tour of town was just TOO tame, so several expeditionary forces headed out of the city for many day-trip excursions. One group headed to the top of the local snow-covered Alp – Mt. Pilatus. They ascended up the side of the mountain, through the clouds, via a cable car and were greeted at the top to Alpine temperatures.

Another group headed deeper into the Bernese Oberalander area of the Alps and explored the idyllic, and snow-covered Lauterbrunnen Valley – surrounded on each side by snow-crested alps.

Finally, another group fed their musicological curiosity with a visit to the Richard Wagner Museum.


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