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London Recap!

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Greetings from Lucerne… First of all, much apologies are in order for our lengthy delay in posting… we ran into a bit of technical difficulties our last day in London that prevented us from being able to upload any new posts. So, here is a bit of a catch-up!

The London performance at the Barbican (our European premiere of the work) was spectacular and received with resounding acclaim from the highly appreciative London Audience. During the performance, Gustavo, the principal performers, chorus and orchestra were fierce  and fearless – and rewarded with an enthusiastic ovation at the conclusion of the performance.

After the performance, the artists were welcomed to a post-conocert reception hosted by the Barbican Centre.

IMG_3127 IMG_3126 IMG_3125


From The London Times
“…The excellent Los Angeles Master Chorale not only sang from memory but added their own strikingly angular unison gestures.”
From The Guardian
“If the urgent choral writing seems to derive directly from the turba choruses in the Bach passions, Adams injects them with an jagged, irresistible energy of his own, right from the opening moments of the work. They were superbly delivered by the Los Angeles Master Chorale”

Here’s a perspective from the stage of the opening night performance, from one of our altos, Kristen Toedtman

Saturday Night at the Barbican
Any performer will tell you stories about audience: the sort that give back, the sort that give nothing, the ones you think aren’t approving and then thunderously praise you at the end or even after. And every night is different (the Sunday afternoon crowd in Los Angeles loved us!). So as we embarked on this incredible journey, many of us wondered excitedly what differences we’d notice between the audiences of each city.
With the beautiful lighting design for this work, we can sometimes quite plainly see the faces of the audience and will later share notes backstage about their perceived reactions (and some fabulous outfits – that pink jacket and bowtie in the balcony last night won the prize by me!).
Adams’ Gospel is not for the faint of heart, and so reactions can be dramatic. My impression last night from the illumined front row faces at the beginning was amusement, the state of being entertained, going along for the ride. Two patrons walked out within minutes (that it was so soon is telling: this was not their thing). But those who stayed were committed. We saw the smallest increase in empty seats from Act I to Act II so far (perhaps only noticed because we were actively looking), and the applause at the end of the performance was a clear indication of their approval. Many curtain calls and great crescendos in applause when the soloists bowed, when Gustavo had the various instrumentalists take bows and yes, when Grant jumped on stage and pointed at the Chorale! The buzz later on was that everyone on stage turned it up a notch for a very electric and emotional performance.
And now… Lucerne!



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