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Follow the LA Master Chorale on Tour with the LA Philharmonic – March 2013

Free Day in London!

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Well, we all made it safely to London and were greeted by a typical blustery March arrival of upper 30’s and rain. After our bleary-eyed arrival in London, LAMC Singers had a free day to recover from a long travel day and to begin to adjust to a seven-hour time difference.


So, after a hearty English breakfast, our fearless travelers ventured to all corners of the city – and even into the countryside, with several groups following the trail to Canterbury and others explored the learned halls of Oxford.Around the city of London, our singers visited museums, spied over London from atop the Eye, refelcted at Evensong services at Westminster Abbey, and of course caught some theatre in the evening and sampled the local fares at the neighborhood pubs.IMG_2922 IMG_2950 photo IMG_2932



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