LA Master Chorale's European Tour

Follow the LA Master Chorale on Tour with the LA Philharmonic – March 2013

And We’re Off!

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It’s a shame to have to leave L.A. on such a sunny warm day. London, here we come! Our plane should be touching down at around 7 a.m.-ish tomorrow morning (California time). Cheerio!

  Hayden Eberhart  Dylan Gentile and bus Hayden Eberhart, Abdiel Gonzalez, Dylan Gentile, Todd Strange, Scott Lehmkuhl

Scott Graff, Michael Blanchard  Reid Bruton, Charles Lane, Ayana Haviv, Daniel Chaney
Tamara Bevard, Adriana Manfredi
  Reid Bruton, Caroline McKenzie  Ryan Villaverde       
Dylan Gentile, Todd Strange, Hayden Eberhart, Ayana Haviv, Abdiel Gonalez, Scott Lehmkuhl, Tamara Bevard
  Doug Shabe, Claire Fedoruk  Mark Beasom
Pablo Cora, Amy Fogerson
Harriet Fraser
Lesili Beard, Vincent Robles
  Farah Kidwai, Shelly Fox
Elissa Johnston, Grant Gershon
Getting Ready  Deborah Mayhan, Tamara Bevard, Scott Lehmkuhl, Jim Raycroft
Amy Fogerson, Shelly Fox, Vincent Robles, Scott Graff


One thought on “And We’re Off!

  1. Great pictures. More!

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