LA Master Chorale's European Tour

Follow the LA Master Chorale on Tour with the LA Philharmonic – March 2013

By the Numbers…

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The Master Chorale before the final Matinee performance in Los Angeles.

The Master Chorale before the final Matinee performance in Los Angeles.

Today the LA Master Chorale takes the stage with the Los Angeles Philharmonic for the last time in Los Angeles before a brief respite to do their laundry, pack, make those last minute arrangements before disembarking on an 18-day tour.  Already it has been an incredible adventure… Dudamel whisked off to Venezuela to participate in a state funeral and our very own Maestro – LAMC Music Director Grant Gershon, stepping in to lead Saturday evening’s performance.

Speaking of arrangements… here are a few of the “numbers” that have gone into the tour planning – and that will shape the final details of the Tour.

For the Chorale’s part – we are 48-singers strong, 12 singers in each voice section (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) and four staff members will be tagging along to help keep all the cogs of the wheel moving smoothly – so our singers will be well-rested, arrive on time, and

In preparation for the performance, our fearless singers will each have…

  • Participated in 84 hours of rehearsal (4,020 hours in total for the Company!)
  • Memorized 207 pages of music
  • Sung more than 1,000 measures of music during each performance!

During the Tour the singers will:

  • Stay in 120 hotel rooms… in 4 cities… in 4 countries
  • Take 26 coach bus rides, covering 315 miles, between hotels, airports, and venues
  • Spend nearly 29 hours in the air… on 5 flights… on 3 different airlines… covering 12,338 miles… That’s a lot of frequent flyer miles!
  • Work in three different time zones
  • Will handle 4 different currencies

So those are a few of the nitty-gritty details… we’ll share more of our fun, and details along the way. So check back daily! And we will talk to you soon.

Au Revoir!


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