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From the Singer’s Perspective: Staging Rehearsals

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Last night was our longest single rehearsal to date.  We had a costume call at 6:30.  It was great to see everyone in costume for the first time.  We’re all wearing “street clothes,” and it’s interesting to see how different everyone looks when they’re not choosing their own wardrobe. Some people look as though they were wearing things from their own closet, and others…not so much.  🙂

We took the stage at 7pm and proceeded to run the entire show.  We’re still working with our fearless leader Grant as conductor and the astounding Lisa Edwards as orchestra.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m in awe of these two AND the entire cast.  Kelly, Tamara, and Russell (the principals) sing not only with gorgeous tone, but with an emotional intensity that has to be exhausting.  They hold nothing back, even in rehearsal.  Daniel, Brian, and Nathan (the three counter-tenors) create an other-worldly sound and texture that I consider one of John Adams’ compositional trademarks.  The dancers (Michael, Anani, and Troy) display amazing feats of athleticism.  Every single element of this production is top-notch.
As our audiences know, the LAMC singers rarely have to memorize our concert music.  However, since this production is staged, we have had to memorize this entire piece.  It has been quite an undertaking!  Last night I think we all realized which little corners of the piece still require some individual attention (and I think those corners are different for everyone).  Because we’re not at our preferred level of accomplishment, some of us were feeling a bit discouraged (and, frankly, exhausted) at 11pm when we finally ended rehearsal.  I was talking with fellow LAMC member Scott Graff in front of Disney Hall after rehearsal, and who should come down the stairs and join our conversation but composer John Adams!  After talking about the rehearsal process for a few minutes, John said to us:
“You guys are unbelievable.  You are truly the best choir in the world.  I feel so lucky!”
I didn’t feel so discouraged after I heard him say that.  🙂
Today (3/3) is a day off, and then we have “hell week”:  6 hours of rehearsal on Monday…4.5 hours of rehearsal on Tuesday (and our first time with the LA Phil)…4.5 hours of dress rehearsal on Wednesday…performances on Thursday night, Friday night, and Sunday afternoon.  Then we have a day to do laundry and pack, and we’re off to Europe!
– Amy Fogerson (Alto in the LA Master Chorale)

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